Thursday, 3 May 2018

Peter Pan Carolyn's (part 1)

I've just got back from a hen do in Liverpool this weekend. I'm pleased to report that my suitcase was filled with plenty of me mades.

I knew that I needed a new pair of pyjamas for the occasion and thought it was the perfect excuse to sew up a pair.

I'd come across this amazing Peter Pan cotton at textile express and immediately thought it would make super cute nightwear. The print features Wendy, John and Michael flying over Neverland with Peter Pan.

I'd seen a couple of pyjama patterns I liked the look of, namely: Nina Lee's Piccadilly pyjamas and Closet case patterns Carolyn pajamas.

At almost £10 a metre I was conscious this was going to be an expensive make. This fabric is also quilting width at 112cm, so I knew I was going to need plenty of fabric.

I ended up buying the Carolyn pattern as it was the only one of the 2 in stock when I visited my local bricks and mortar fabric store. This might have been the wrong choice as the Carolyn's recommend a staggering 5 metres of fabric for the long sleeves, full length trouser version! I'd only purchased 4 metres but hoped that a bit of pattern piece tetris would work.

I was lucky enough to spend a whole weekend sewing with friends a couple of weeks ago, these Peter Pan Carolyn's were the project I took with me. Once I traced my pattern pieces it was onto the aforementioned game of tetris. As it turns out Closet Case patterns are true to their word with their yardage requirements. I really struggled to get all my pieces cut out of the 4 metres. I must have spent the best part of one day wrestling with my pieces and the fabric!

In the end it was the sleeves and the pocket bags I was struggling with. The only thing for it was to shorten my sleeves to (hopefully) 3/4 length and raid my friends stash for a suitable fabric for the pocket bags. I came across a grey kona quilting cotton and had to hope the contrast would work out OK.

Once I was all cut out the trouser construction was relatively straightforward. There is a faux fly to construct but the instructions were really clear and easy to follow. I used a different width of elastic than the instructions stated and adjusted the waistband width accordingly. 

So there I was with my pj bottoms complete, yet to start on the top and the hen do a day or two away. I knew I didn't have time to tackle the top but really wanted a matching set to take away with me. In the end I decided to repurpose a ready to wear tshirt with a splash of my Peter Pan fabric. 

I was really pleased the difference a patch pocket made to my rtw top.

So I have a matchy matchy pair for the time being but don't worry I'll soon make a start on the carolyn top. 


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