Saturday, 12 May 2018

A little lawn party: Yorkshire edition

It had been quite some time since I'd met up with my sewing friends Elena, Samantha and Jan but we finally got a date in the diary and arranged to meet in York. 

Our meetup coincided with the last week of  Atia and Mel's Instagram challenge; A little lawn party. Their challenge came about as they were looking forward to the arrival of spring and the change in our me mades that it signals. Goodbye dark and dismal winter and hello sunshine and good times. 

We all agreed that our meetup would be a great opportunity to take part in this challenge and reveal our spring themed outfits to each other. Elena had the great idea of seeing if any other local sewists would like to join us and an Instagram post later we were 14 strong! 

It was decided that afternoon tea would be the perfect compliment to our little lawn party and Elena booked us a table at the Garden Room in the Principal Hotel.

The Garden Room was the perfect setting for our meetup. We were seated at a huge table with armchairs and sofas, good job we were comfy as we chatted for hours!! The afternoon tea was very tasty and highly recommended. 

I even purchased a new sewing pin to add to my growing collection! One of the attendees, Laura, is the owner of cotton reel studio and has a new line of pin badges. I had to have one, of course.

But this is a sewing blog so what about the outfits?! 

Here's Samantha in her 1940's wrap dress, me in B6318 and Elena's alder shirt dress. We managed a little wander around the museum gardens to enjoy the sunshine before we ate copious amounts of cake and drank gallons of tea!

Other gorgeous outfits included: TATB Bettine, Cleo & Francois, BHL Orsola, Colette's Penny...and many more. 

Here's a list of attendees. Do go check out their Instagram/blogs to see their fantastic makes. 

You can find out more about my outfit on my previous blog post here



  1. Had such a great time, it was great to meet lots of fellow sewists and to eat plenty of cake was a bonus! Must do again soon. xx

  2. We have sew up north to look forward to but a get together would be good in between. Xx

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