Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Kalle x Odessa Traditionale

The Kalle shirtdress from closet case patterns was the choice for March's sew my style. One of the great things about Instagram sewing challenges/projects is that they are often my introduction to patterns I haven't previously come across. 

This was my first time using a pattern from Heather Lou of Closet Case Patterns, I'd been looking at buying Ginger jeans or the Kelly anorak but the Kalle shirtdress had somehow skipped my attention.

When I spotted this art gallery fabrics quilting cotton called Odessa traditionale at sewmesunshine I immediately thought of the Kalle shirtdress. Although the Tallinn collection by Jessica Swift is inspired by her travels through Eastern Europe it immediately made me think of dessert flowers. Maybe it was those cowboy boots on the packet illustration that had kept popping up on my Instagram feed throughout March but I just couldn't get this fabric x pattern pairing off my mind.

My first thoughts about this pattern were how versatile it is. There are 3 lengths; cropped, shirt, shirtdress. 2 collars; standard and band. 3 plackets; popover, concealed and button. Not to mention the option of an inverted or box pleat on the back. All these options are mix and match so with this one pattern I'll be able to make a wardrobe full of tops/shirtdresses.

The pattern instructions were really easy to follow and there is also a sewalong on the closet case website. I've also been introduced to my first ever fabric burrito!!

So, basically the fabric burrito is a method for sewing together the shoulder seams in a super neat finish with all seams enclosed. Check out the sewalong as it's covered really well there.

The options I went for in this Kalle were  the inverted pleat, standard collar, popover placket and shirtdress length. 

Another first for this make was the use of poppers. I bought a mix pack of prym colour snaps containing red, orange and pink snaps. I was fully expecting to use the red snaps on this project but it turned out the orange were a perfect match! I was a bit disappointed with the lack of instruction for the snaps. I'd also purchased the prym vario pliers and there was no help there either. Luckily YouTube came to the rescue and once I'd got them inserted I was really happy with them.

First outing for my Kalle was to an overlocker workshop at Fabricate Robertown. It was the perfect excuse to wear my onr shop x finest imaginary name necklace too! I wasn't too sure about the size of the collar at first but once paired with a necklace I felt more comfortable.

This was such an enjoyable make. I'm so pleased that the sew my style project brought this pattern to my attention.



  1. The dress looks fab Natalie, I'd seen the Kalle a few times on other blogs/IG but didn't think it was my style, even though I love a shirtdress. I'm so glad I made mine, it's just the right cross of casual & smart & will definitely make more, not so sure about the cropped version though. I can't recommend the Ginger jeans enough if you fancy having a go, the instructions & sew along are really good, I've just the fiddly bits to do & then they're done.

  2. Thanks Sam. The gingers are definitely on my to sew list. Your Kalle was lovely too especially that you squeezed it out of so little fabric. xx


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