Sunday, 6 August 2017

The sewcialists tribute month

This month the sewcialists blog is holding tribute month. In their words it's an opportunity to  "Get inspired by a favourite blogger, and make something they would approve of! Or straight up copy them – that works too!" 

Who are my legends in sewing? The sewists that I aspire to emulate, those whose sewing skills I one day hope to match and use of patterns and prints always surprise me. I had a look through my Instagram feed and a couple of sewists stood out.

So whose creations am I always keen to see and more often than not give a like, comment and inevitably "copy"!!

Elle Harris of sewpositivity of course! I first came across Elle when I was new to Instagram and she co-hosted the moneta party.  I'd never come across an online sewing event before but soon found it was the perfect opportunity for me to get involved with the sewing community and gave me a reason to attempt sewing with fabrics I was new to.

Despite Elle being Instagram famous(!!) she always has time for her fellow sewists giving advice and sharing her fabric finds.
One such fabric find that she shared was a duvet set from George at Asda (yes, you read that right, a duvet cover!). The print was fantastic, all blue/turquoise waves with bathers bobbing along. Think synchronised swimmers from the aquamusicals of the 1940s and 50s!

Well it was safe to say that I called in Asda on my way home from work that day, buying a king size duvet set for £6.

Elle's original Instagram post that had me running to the home furnishings department of my local Asda!

George at Asda swimmers duvet cover set (now sold out) 

I had the fabric but which pattern to use. As the bathers had me thinking of 40's and 50's swimsuits it had to be vintage inspired. I'd purchased a dress pattern from sewladidavintage a while back but had yet to cut into my chosen fabric for it. The pattern, the blitz dress is 1940s in design and I felt I'd found the perfect match of fabric and pattern.

I got straight to work on cutting out my fabric and sewing up until I came to the zipper. I'd yet to sew an invisible zip and had only sewn a lapped and centered zip (somewhat unsuccessfully) previously. I went from loving my fabric and pattern to wanting to hide it away in a pile of unfinished objects. Luckily I'd messaged Elle to say thanks for sharing her make and how I was struggling to get to grips with zip insertion. She was quick to give me some advice and tips and if it wasn't for Elle's encouragement I can safely say that's where this make would still be.

As it turns out,  it seems an invisible zip is the easiest zip to fit.

I'm so pleased with my first invisible zip and won't be shying away from patterns that require them in the future.

I was going to name this dress my synchronised swimming dress but think 'synchronised sewing' may well be a better moniker. So often we synchronise our sewing plans as we see what other sewists are working on across social media. I just hope Elle and any other sewists I've copied in the past or future know that in this case imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery.

I'd have loved to have taken some pictures at a lido or swimming pool but had to make do with the local lake, although I wouldn't fancy bathing here!



  1. Love the dress and fabric. Invisible zip looks amazing too, I'm yet to do one!!

  2. Thankyou Emma. There's still progress to be made but I'm incredibly chuffed by my first attempt. There's an Anna in the making at the mo so another invisible zip to attempt there. Xx


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