Friday, 21 April 2017

Freehand embroidery workshop

Today I've been learning some new sewing skills to add to my repetoire! Myself and my sister-in-law attended a workshop held at the Leeds John Lewis store. The workshop was run by Jenni Smith and cost £40.

The course was held in the haberdashery department under a pom pom garland with oversized cotton reels for stools (I want one for my sewing room!!)

I totally forgot to take a pic of the haberdashery department but here's one I pinched from

All the necessary equipment and supplies were included and i imagine as long as you have at least a basic knowledge of sewing machines you would be fine to attend this course.

Preparing your fabrics seemed key to creating professional looking machine embroidery. There was interfacing to apply to the calico (to be used as the background) followed by bondaweb applied to each of the patterned cotton's we used. Jenni supplied some beautiful prints from the rain or shine collection by Dashwood Studio

Next up it was time to lower the feed dogs on the machines and swap out the regular presser feet for a darning foot.

The first thing we all tried to embroider was our names. Jenni suggested that it is the best place to start as it is something we are so familiar with. It was also at this point that we were told to go over our lines, i was really shocked at how much better lettering turned out when i followed this advice.

Top: one layer of thread
Bottom: two layers of thread

I made a little Tweety bird, an April showers pic and a sunshine.

I'm really looking forward to using what I've learnt today at home. Think I'll be searching Pinterest for inspiration straight away.

The people at John Lewis also very kindly gave all the participants a voucher for complimentary hot drink and cake, which we made use of straight after we finished!

It was a great day out and I'll be keeping an eye on Jenni's website to see what other sessions she'll be doing in the future.

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