Saturday, 4 March 2017

Sew Down Dewsbury

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Sew down Dewsbury, a sewing meetup in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire organised by the lovely Ali.

Since starting sewing and following various sewists on Instagram I'd come across various meetups taking place and knew I'd love the opportunity to go to one. So when Ali posted about sew down Dewsbury I couldn't wait to sign up! 

Dewsbury is home to 3 bricks and mortar fabric shops, a market full of fabric and trims and a craft shop. So the perfect setting for a meetup.

Prior to the date attendees were requested to put together a goodie bag. There were no rules on what to include, just in order to receive a goody bag you must in turn give one as they would be swapped between us all.

I've got to be honest i was a bit worried to put anything handmade in my goody bag knowing how skilled many of the attendees would be! In the end I included; a couple of fat quarters, a copy of creative paper crochet book, a pair of snips, thread, old fashioned pegs and a "hand crafted" item.

My hand crafted item was a bit of a cop out as it was just a mug pin cushion but a badger pin cushion at that!! I'm tempted to put another together for myself.

On the day we met up in Wetherspoons and wow what a turn out. There was barely a seat left when I arrived but I managed squeeze in next to Sam, Jan & Anne and in no time at all we were chatting away.

The meetup was on the same weekend as the moneta party so lots of us turned up in our monetas.

Thanks Ali for taking this great photo
When it came to the goodie bag swap I received mine from Hannah and what a goodie bag it was. It contained far too much to mention but highlights included pattern weights, tailors chalk, buttons, pin cushion and pins all inside a fab bag with a tape measure brooch!

Then it was time for some shopping!!

First up was lucky​ fashions where i bought a fun border print fabric for just £5.50 a metre, I love border print skirts so that might be the plan for this. Next we visited the pound a yard shop, this was a real alladins cave of fabric. I'm not sure how many room there were but i could have got lost!! From here i purchased a metre of flamingo print canvas (£5 a metre) with the intention of making a bag. Finally we visited the infamous fabworks.

In Fabworks demonstrating this gorgeous floral panel

I mainly just perused in fabworks just buying a remnant of chartreuse polka dot print (£2) that i figured could line my flamingo print bag!

We also popped into the creative craft centre and looked around the market stalls. Dewsbury really has so much to offer for fabric enthusiasts!

I can't wait for the next meetup. It was great to meet so many sewists in real life and seeing some of their beautiful makes in person spurs me on to learn more!

Any other meetups in the pipeline you know of, please share.


Friday, 3 March 2017

The Moneta Party

This past weekend i attended 2 sewing events; the online moneta party hosted by Elle, Rach & Abi (known collectively as the triple stitchers) and the SewDown Dewsbury meetup.

First up, the moneta party. This was an online party encouraging sewists worldwide to sew the same pattern and share their results via Instagram. The pattern chosen by the triple stitchers was Colette patterns Moneta. The Moneta is essentially a skater dress in Jersey. I had never sewn Jersey before so was a little apprehensive about the pattern but figured it was an excellent time to have a go as the triple stitchers would be sharing tips on their blogs that I could make use of. The triple stitchers had also lined up some great sponsors for the party with discounts available at each store. And I love a discount!!

Colette patterns Moneta is available as a PDF and a physical pattern. I opted for a physical pattern as not so confident with the cutting and sticking required with a PDF. I bought my pattern via Minerva Crafts EBay store and it cost £14.99 +99p p&p. This pattern is available at slightly less from other sellers but as the moneta party has proved to be so popular stock seemed to be selling out fast and I opted for a seller I knew delivered in good time.

Fabric and clear elastic I bought from sewessential. They were one of the sponsors of this event and so offered 20% discount off any stretch fabrics in the run up to the party.

I also paid a visit to fabworks and could not resist buying material for two more monetas! A scuba, and a floral panel and ponte for a two tone moneta.

So here are my monetas. I love them both and am so pleased to have this pattern in my library, doubt these 2 will be my last as it is such an easy make. I've still to cut into my scuba, I'll be sure to let you know how that turns out.

I loved how everyone on Instagram joined in with this event, seeing all the different fabric choices and design hacks was so interesting

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